MAY 2018 GOALS | Pennsylvania Photographer

May 2018 Goals | Pennsylvania Photographer

How did we get to May already? This year has been true blessing in every way and I couldn’t have done it without all of you and your referrals. With that being said lets take a look back on 2018 so far.

Tasha Puckey Photography

Can I just be honest here, I never in my wildest dreams thought that 2018 would be my crushing year, I figured that I would just coast along this year and continue education. Boy was I wrong, God heard my prayers and said “Let’s do this together.”Tasha Puckey PhotographyIn January, the coldest month in PA I had two portrait sessions,  participated in a beautiful winter styled wedding in Lebanon, PA and styled maternity sessions in Williamsport, PA. I had so much fun meeting new creatives and make friends along the way. Some of my favorite images from my sessions in January, I would love to totally go back so I can relive these all over again . I love what I do and that it’s not a job to me.

As we head into February, my goals were a little sketchy!  I wanted to book a Destination wedding and I thought I had it in the bag but life had a different story and thats ok because sometimes things are meant to be. However, I amped up my blogging and so excited because there is so many things that I want to show and so many beautiful things that I have captured along the way.  One of my main goals in my personal life was to change the images in my home, they definitely needed updated. What better month to do that than February. These beautiful/handsome faces belong to my children and they were also the faces of our valentine cards to our family. If you want to check out my other February goals you can do so here….
Tasha Puckey Photography



Tasha Puckey

Then March happened! I loved March… Okay, I may be a little bias because March is my birthday month but seriously had the best time. A beautiful family from the church I attend adopted a little boy they call Samuel last year. Heather and I met through her cousin Libby, I mean we would have known each other much sooner if I weren’t such an introvert lol. She was looking for family images for the adoption agency and I couldn’t just let that go. I stepped up to the plate and they looked amazing. After there adoption was finalized in December and they were able to bring them home, I offered Heather and her family a family session because well you know… they needed updated images. They are the cutest family and the most humbled and definitely blessed.Tasha Puckey Photography

March wasn’t stopping with all the love in the world. A few photographer besties and myself were planning a Boho Styled Wedding shoot with some pretty awesome vendors. I couldn’t wait until our dreams became a reality. March 29th was the best day so far of 2018. Here is a few images from the shoot. I really cannot wait for Wedding season to start… eeeeeeeeek just one more week! Tasha Puckey Photography

April rocked my socks with my “Pay What You Can Mini sessions. They were sold out in a week and the first time ever. Also in the month of April I was featured twice not The Knots “How He Asked” blog and two more features are not the way this year. So exciting

Sorry not sorry for taking you on a beautiful trip down memory lane!

Now onto Tasha Puckey Photography
This month starts wedding season and I am so stoked about this. May 19th kicks it off for me. The following week I will get the chance to second shoot with another local photographer on her Friday evening wedding! Yesss! So I won’t keep you too long.

Here are my Business goals:

  1. Continue posing education to give my clients the best of the best
  2. Quicker turn around times on images and blog posts
  3. Network with other creatives 
  4. Book an out of state wedding – come on y’all help me out!! 

Personal Goals:

  1. Have our whole house packed and ready to move by 5/31
  2. Start training for Wineglass Half Marathon and Running over Addiction Half Marathon
  3. Start my summer devotional 
  4. Treat a friend to breakfast

Tasha Puckey Photography



Why YOU should get in the picture | Pennsylvania Photographer

Why you should get in the picture | Pennsylvania Photographer 

You’ve contemplated hiring someone to take new family photos but you don’t like how you look in your images. There are a million and excuses that you can make as to why you don’t want to be in pictures. Tasha Puckey Photography

  • your stomach is too big
  • you have wrinkles
  • a double chin
  • not photogenic
  • we can do it next year
  • having a bad hair day
  • my make up doesn’t look right
  • I don’t have anything to wear
  • we don’t hang pictures in our house


We all make these excuses, I know I have. My favorite? I don’t get in front of the camera, thats why I’m behind it. Can I get real and raw with you? Pictures are extremely important, totally worth it in the end and here’s why

Tasha Puckey Photography

Remembering Important momentsTasha Puckey Photography

When you are 85 and you are rocking your grandchildren, imagine yourself telling them them the story about how their Grandfather proposed to you. You can’t remember the exact details or even the words but your image show the emotion of the day. As you are looking through those images, memories flood back, the smells return and you know exactly what was said and how it was said. This is another way that dementia patients remember their lives… through images. You only get one life… document it

Remembering your ancestors

Tasha Puckey PhotographyI can’t tell you what any of my relatives past my grandmother look like. Maybe because my family were so poor that they couldn’t  afford to wear the shoes that were on their feet. I don’t know much about then except that they lived on a farm and my Great Grandmother died when my Grandma was 3 years old. I know for me, I would’ve love to see our family barn, look at those wrinkles,  tattered clothes dirty hands that belonged o my Great-Grandfather.
Getting your I,ages updated every year is a great way to have future generation look back and remember the way things used to be and the people that are in your family. Don’t leave your family wondering who you were and what you looked like… Get in the picture!

Telling Stories.

As photographers we are storytellers, we can capture the emotions of a picture and make it timeless. From engagement session to family sessions, it all tells a story. You want to be in these stories that are captured through the lens. Even if it’s through the lens of your phone, I urge you… I encourage you to live in the moment and get in the frame with your family.

Tasha Puckey Photography

Tasha Puckey Photography2018-04-27_0004



I’d love to capture your timeless memories
contact me today!!!




…Then comes baby | Sammi + Tony | Williamsport Photographer

…Then comes baby | Sammi + Tony

I remember the first time I met Sammi + Tony. We were meeting to discuss possibly hiring me as their wedding photographer. I thought “these two are the sweetest and coolest people ever.” Little did I know that they would eventually hire me and a friendship started. I was so eager to shoot their engagement session, Sammi wanted snow and it literally was not in the forecast. Sammie ended up rescheduling due to a ring issue and wouldn’t you know it… it snowed. You can see their engagement session here…

Tasha Puckey Photography

Planning started for their wedding and every detailed was DIY’d very thought out and I was so thrilled to get to shoot it. Shortly after hiring me to shoot their wedding, I found out that I was expecting a little girl and she was due two weeks before Sammi + Tony’s wedding… a ball of nerves let me tell ya. I was determined to shoot their wedding and I made sure that happened, right on schedule. Their wedding was so much fun and totally cool right down to her fur shawls Silver Moon |Sammi + Tony |Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer
This is where its starts getting amazing… They found out their were having a baby. WHHHHATTTT! How more perfect can their relationship be!! A page right out of a nursery rhyme. When I arrived to her gender reveal, her mama (totally sweet, creative and adorable) met me outside. I was totally early because I wanted to get details of her reveal before people started showing up. I was actually two hours early instead of a half hour early… pregnancy brain at its best. hehe – sorry Sammi, I had to lol.

Tasha Puckey Photography

Her reveal was going to come out of a BEE shaped piñata, like how cute is that? Her mama did a great job on all these decorations.DSC_7071 I still cannot get over how cute they are. I got to take a peak at the left over piñata stuffing that revealed the gender of baby Joe. I was so stoked for Sammi and couldn’t help but laugh because I knew how excited Sammi was going to be. After all she kept mentioning how she just wanted to go shopping. DINNNG DINNNG. Please note, having a baby girl will drain your bank account without with caring. I know this little girl will be the most spoiled and loved little girl in the world. Check out more images from their reveal… Congratulations again you two

Tasha Puckey Photography


Tasha Puckey Photography

Tasha Puckey Photography

Tasha Puckey Photography


Thank so much guys for trusting me enough to capture your absolute perfect day. Looking forward to many more years of watching you and your family grow! See you in August Baby girl – Tash!



Pay What You Can: Weekend #2 |Heshbon Bridge | Williamsport Photographer


Pay What You Can: Weekend #2 |Heshbon Bridge | Williamsport Photographer

Tasha Puckey PhotographyLast week started out a little unhopeful. In the forecast it was calling for rain and really cold temperatures. However it turned out just like the weekend prior, warm and full of smiles. If you missed last weeks.. you can look at the images here.

My first session of the day were Santiea and her beautiful family. I photographed their family last year during there informal wedding portrait session. Santiea is married to a Williamsport Police officer who is the most kind officer we have here. Santiea is a nurse at Hospice – she has a heart of gold this one. Their three children are the most well mannered children I have ever met. Tasha Puckey Photography

When I was still in college, I lived next door to this woman’s parents. Little did I know that I would actually end up know her family a few years later. She reached out to me to photograph her youngest sons 1st birthday! That was a cute session, sorry no link. But you can see how they have all grown over the past 4 years and Jessica recently welcomed a new little into the mix a few months ago. Tasha Puckey Photography

My friend showed up to hang out with me and I asked her to take a few new headshots for me that better fit my personality- all that was missing was confetti! Dang it… I will have my confetti shots. I happened to look passed my friend and seen my next clients and their beautiful family. Their little girl was the highlight of the show… cutest little smile ever. Their three older children were a blessing to work with as well and hopefully her daughters will model for me in the summer time.Tasha Puckey Photography

My next session and I go back a few years when I met them through my Godmother. Leigh (pronounced Leah) is a strong mama! She’s in college now, slaying every bit of it. Her oldest boy, Levi is just a week or two older than one of my children. Her son Gabriel is the sweetest and cutest… like ever! 2018-04-24_0005

All great days must come to an end and boy did it totally go out with a bang. Amanda and her boyfriend Adam were looking to update their images and give their mamas new images of themselves for Mother’s Day! What What- Pictures matter y’all! They melted in each others arms after Adam got comfortable being directed. Y’all…. just look! 2018-04-24_0001

A big thank you to those who came out and participated in “PAY WHAT YOU CAN.” If you are in need of a session, fill out the contact form below and we can chat! Have a great week y’all!  -Tasha


Pay What You Can Weekend | April 14th 2018 |Williamsport Portrait Photographer

Pay What You Can Weekend | April 14th 2018 | Williamsport Portrait Photographer


What can I possibly say about this weekend that wouldn’t make my heart too full? Nothing! I was totally blessed this past weekend. It was the first weekend of two that I hosted my “Pay What You Can Campaign.” If you are unfamiliar with it have no worries.. I will explain. When I first started Tasha Puckey Photography I wanted a company that would serve people who simply couldn’t afford photography.  Over the last few years my prices did increase and this was/is a simple “thank you for continuous support” campaign. Tasha Puckey PhotographyFamilies/Couples/Individals get to pick out their session by package and price group, as shown in the ad to your left. After the session they will get 1-2 sneak peaks from their session on facebook. A week later they will receive a gallery with their images and a coupon that will allow them to download their digitals that were included in their package. In their gallery they can also purchase more digitals or purchase actual prints <— I totally believe in printing your images by the way. So whether you download your digitals or not… just get them printed, trust me your family will thank you in the end. So if you didn’t get a chance to participate in this campaign, have no fear you will be able to participate in the fall. I can tell you now that I will be hosting it for the whole month of October for Appreciation Month. Wooohoo! For now, sit back and scroll through some of the families images that were captured from the weekend

Morgan Babies: These kiddos made my heart so full… their mama is one blessed little lady. Ne

Their personalities really shine through here. Lilly, wanted no parts of this at all.


Next up is a beautiful family that I have come to know and love over the years, the Hale’s  I watched their now 14 year old sprout from just a itty bitty baby to a golden light of sass. Their family is incredible and true definitely of family.

Hale Family
He will bless those who fear the Lord, Both the small and the great. May the Lord give you increase, you and your children. -Psalms 115:13-14

To round out the evening, I got to hang out with the Wilbur family… Beth is a Wedding Planner. So if you are getting married or know anyone that is. Definitely look her up, she is sweet as pie. Her family was totally sweet and adorable Saturday. I even got to to love on little Will. isn’t he squishy?

the most important thing in the world is family and love

I am so blessed and honored to have captured these beautiful families! If you are looking to schedule a session or participate in the next PWYC campaign, email me at

So long Style Me Pretty | Artist insight|Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer

5872430_origWhat a shocking day it has been with to learn that the Ultimate Wedding publication is shutting their doors at the end of April. Sayyyy what? If you are like me, you heart may or may not have stopped beating for a minute. What a sad day in Wedding publications. 

What made them so popular?

Not only did they showcase wedding inspiration from all over the world but they also gave planning and advice, fashion and beauty tips, and gave resources about vendors they loved to work with. 
They were brides go-to destination for all the gorgeousness that you only see at weddings. Style Me Pretty featured real weddings. Brides and Grooms could DIY like a pro  and create the best looking house on the block after they said “I DO”

Here’s is their closing words. 

“Even the most perfect of weddings must eventually come to a close. The same is true for us here at Style Me Pretty. After an incredible twelve years of sharing your beautiful weddings, we will close Style Me Pretty on April 30th.

While we won’t be posting any new stories after today, you’ll be able to view and save anything on the site up until the end of the month.

We’re so proud to have played even a small role in sending so many brides and grooms off into their happily-ever-after. Thank you for sharing such special moments with us.

 -Style Me Pretty

While I am deeply saddened by the news and crushed that they are closing, the show must go on. Thank you Style Me Pretty for a great 12 years running. I wish you well in your future endeavors! 

                                                                                                               – Tasha Puckey Photography

Brides, here’s why you should hire a second shooter. |Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer

2018-03-30_0001Do I Need A Second Photographer for my Wedding?

As you are planning your wedding, you are engaged with so many emotions, pulled into tons of different directions and probably sensory overloaded. Yes, weddings are about the bride, and the primary focus should be on her. However, what about the groom? Grooms look forward to the day gets to say I DO to his bride. It’s a day he gets to spend a few hours getting ready with his buddies before those days grow slim. <~~~ Yep I said that! Why not capture those moments too? Second shooters are so crucial on wedding days. Here’s why.

Mains can’t be in two places

Your main photographer will focus on you, the bride. Capturing all of your major and minor details, your special moments slipping into your dress, and moments shared between you and your bridesmaids. Mains will focus on the tearful moment of you walking down the aisle to your forever. This is where a second shooter comes in; second shooters will capture these moments with the groom and his groomsmen. Seconds will focus on your Fiancé during your ceremony. Gettin  You will also have different perspectives from various points in your wedding timeline. 2018-02-10_0003

No details left behind

After the music fades and the decorations are sold or thrown away, all you will have is your photographs. Having a second shooter to capture details that a main could not,  is beneficial.Having a team that works cohesively will ensure that each photographer can focus on their job, and capture the day’s sweetest moments.


On the fence, still?

Talk with your photographer, they can answer your questions and see if having a second shooter is beneficial for you or not. It really comes down to what’s important to you. Your photographer will usually have a list of shooters they use, look over their work and decide if it fits what you are looking for. Overall, it’s your day… why not capture it all!