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June 17, 2020

Asher is turning 1 | Pennsylvania Photographer

Williamsport Wedding Photographer

Asher is turning 1 | Caution yourself

This little cutie pie is turning 1 on June 24th! Watching him grow, literally before my eyes has been a real treat. I’ve photographed his mama when she was a single lady, engaged, married, maternity and now Asher has the spotlight.

I must say, I know how is mama is. She’s one of those beautiful mama’s that go over the top and by over the top, I mean… makes her own props and makes sure she find the perfect additions. After all, Amanda is an Early Childhood Educator… so this session just made sense. Ya know?

Enough of me rambling on… I am going to hand it over to Amanda and let her tell you how the last year has changed her life <3

The past year has truly flown by but I’ve enjoyed every single second of watching this guy grow. I couldnt wait to see him do all his firsts and now that its his first birthday i want nothing more than for time to slow down. I’ll always be that extra mom so get use to it now and embrace it buddy! You are the perfect edition to our family and can’t imagine life without you!

– Asher’s Mama (Amanda Smith-Derck)

Williamsport Wedding Photographer

Williamsport Wedding PhotographerWilliamsport Wedding Photographer

Williamsport Wedding PhotographerWilliamsport Wedding Photographer

Williamsport Wedding Photographer

Happy Birthday Mr. Asher Derck!!

Williamsport Wedding Photographer

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