"When this ends, we'll smile sweetly finally seeing. In testing times, we became the best of things."

I believe in love.
I believe that attraction should be a priority.
I believe that loving yourself should come first before you can love anyone else.

Your love story should come from many stages in life. From high school crushes, breakups, friends you’ve flirted with and nothing came from it… online dating. Love is love and it can be a wonderful feeling. Love will take you on a roller coaster ride of deep emotions. You will find yourself, you will lose yourself but love is love.

As your wedding photographer, I will capture your love story the way you want it told. I promise to create an experience for you that will make you fall in love with your wedding day over and over again. Not only do you get a photographer but you also get a lifelong friend. Together we will capture the greatest love ever told…. YOURS.

Love is love. -Tash