Finally a Frantz | Loni + David | Williamsport Wedding Photographer

Finally a Frantz | Loni + David | Williamsport Photographer


Where do I begin with this beautiful wedding? These two totally deserve one another… After all, LOVE ALWAYS WINS. After years of being apart, these two high school sweethearts found their way back to each other and decided to blend their beautiful family.

Getting Ready….

Lonnie got ready at David’s sisters house in Williamsport, PA. This would be the same location of their ceremony. Gathering her details, I couldn’t help but think of how beautiful Loni was going to be as a bride. I watched her grow in mind, body and spirit. This day was going to be special for her, indeed. NEPA Wedding and Destination Photographer Tasha Puckey Photography

…and they do!

19 years in the the making, they definitely did say I do! They chose the backyard of David’s sister’s house in Williamsport.What a gorgeous scenery it was with the mountains as a backdrop. Such a beautiful ceremony with tying of the hands. Loni’s father Kurt Neufer officiated the union. Their children were their bridal party and it was the sweetest gesture ever.

Check out more images from the ceremony and formals below.

NEPA Wedding and Destination Photographer | Tasha Puckey Photography

NEPA Wedding and Destination Photographer | Tasha Puckey Photography

NEPA Wedding and Destination PhotographerNEPA Wedding and Destination PhotographerNEPA Wedding and Destination PhotographerNEPA Wedding and Destination Photographer

Dancing the night away…

Lonnie + David entered the Gamble Farm Inn and they were  greeted by 75 of they favorite friends and family members. Toast were made, tears were shed, jokes were made. It definitely ended up being a great wedding. Full of love, laughter and memories  in the making. NEPA Wedding and Destination PhotographerNEPA Wedding and Destination Photographer

All is fair in the game of love… Congratulations Lonnie + David. May you forever live happy ever after

Love is love – Tash.

Ringing in the New Year | NEPA Wedding Photographer | Williamsport, PA

Ringing in the New year |NEPA Wedding Photographer | Williamsport, PA



I  cannot believe how fast 2018 flew by. Tasha Puckey Photography has so many wonderful blessings last year. Wanna recap with me?

  • 61 Photography sessions
  • 9 Lead Weddings 
  • 7 Second Shooting /assisting weddings
  • 15 Publications to blogs
  • 4 Publications in Magazines
  • 2 Top 30% in the world wide Shoot and Share Contest


To say I have been blessed is a complete understatement. I cannot thank my clients and now friends enough for taking me out of my comfort zone and trusting me with your family images.  I ended the year second shooting a New Years Eve wedding with Tara Betz from Antiquity Photography. It was such a fun wedding that I didn’t want to leave but I wanted to get home to my hubby to kiss him at midnight, which I was totally 4 minutes late lol.


Head into 2019 with me….

NEPA Wedding and Destination Photographer Tasha Puckey Photography


As I was preparing to write my 2019 goals, I knew I wanted this year to be the best year yet. I wanted to travel, I wanted a destination wedding. I just knew I wanted to be adventurous this year. By the time 2019 rolled around two of my goals were already crush… sayyyy what? You’ll see what I mean in just a minute.

NEPA Wedding and Destination Photographer Tasha Puckey Photography

NEPA Wedding and Destination Photographer Tasha Puckey Photography

I’m totally chuckling at the first two. Last month, I was mentioning to my husband how I wanted to travel to Colorado, just to photograph models or landscape… Honestly, just whatever I could get. I’ve never traveled out of the East Coast and I want to see the United States. Ironically enough, my friend Rachel had the idea of having a styled shoot…. drum roll please…… in Colorado! Score. So April 26th-29th, 6 of us will make our way to the Garden of the Gods and Painted Rock. I am so super stoked!

Why Tennessee? Hmmmm… thats an easy one. Tennessee is where my hubby and I went for our family honeymoon, yes kids and all. But, over the past year, I have been building a friendship with a lady named Raina. She is a Wedding planner based out of… you guessed it… Tennessee. She literally is the best wedding planner, I have ever come in contact with. Here is her information, if you are looking for a wedding planner and yes she will travel. Weddings + Events by Raina. Anywho… I am going to to Tennessee to attend one of her Hustle and Hearth workshops later in the year. This year hold amazing things and I cannot wait to share them all with you. 

Now the last three goals… I will have to work hard for. I’ve wanted a destination wedding outside of PA for the last two years, praying to the heavens that it happens this year. I will not be sad if it doesn’t happen but it would still be a great adventure. My last goal, I am almost there. If you know anyone that is getting married this year and they are still looking for a wedding photographer, I would love to chat with them. 


NEPA Wedding and Destination Photographer Tasha Puckey PhotographyNEPA Wedding and Destination Photographer Tasha Puckey Photography

I look forward to being more adventurous this year with my kiddos and maybe do some hiking if they aren’t playing some kind of sport this summer. I want this to be the summer to remember.. Thanks for sure.

Love is love – Tash.

Brooke + Matt Engaged! |Mount Carmel | Williamsport PA Wedding Photographer

Brooke + Matt Engaged | Mount Carmel | Williamsport PA Wedding Photographer

When I first met Brooke and Matt it was raining… ok so it was raining for like a month straight at that point. However, on that particular day…. it wasn’t supposed to rain. Boy was Mother Nature having second thoughts. We both got out of ours cars and the rain was just slow enough to shoot a little bit. The fog made for some awesome backdrops… All of a sudden my SD card read error… I didn’t think anything of it so I switch to my back up. Continued shooting but then the rain was coming down harder so we ended it.

Got home and slipped my SD card into my computer… I could see the images but I couldn’t pull them off! CARD CORRUPTED! UGH… DEVASTATION. I promise y’all those images were great. Here are a few from that day that I did get!


I ended up messaging Brooke to let her know that we needed to reshoot! She agreed… I am so glad that she did. We ended up at Roaring Creek Preserve and that place was amazing! From the little patch of tall grass that I found, to the road with the most beautiful green trees and a big ol’ lake. I won’t keep y’all any longer… Check out Brooke and Matt’s Roaring Creek engagement session.

Thank you both for entrusting me with your engagement session, getting to know you both and shooting your wedding! What an honor its been. Congratulations Brook + Matt!


What’s happening with TPP |September 2018 | PA + Destination Wedding Photographer

What’s happening with TPP |September 2018 | PA + Destination Wedding Photographer

Hi friends! Can you believe that it’s September already? Ok maybe it felt like August was going to stick around forever!!! It really did! But now we are here and fall is right around the corner so I wanted to give you a sneak peak into what is happening this month and a little preview of October! 

This month I have two special brides getting married and I am so happy to be a part of their special day.

September 8th

Lonnie Davis and David Frantz are tying the knot in David’s sister’s back yard over looking wildflowers, cornfields and rolls of hay… imagine a beautiful mountain backdrop. Y’all doesn’t that sound so dreamy? To this southern country girl… I am in my glory! 2018-06-25_0001
Following their wedding,  Lonnie and David are celebrating with friends and family at the Gamble Farm Inn, an old historic Mansion centered in Jersey, PA. They will be dancing the night away to music accompanied by DJ Cory. I cannot wait for their day to come, Lonnie deserves all the happiness in the world and I think after waiting 19 years for love with David… it was well worth the wait. 2018-06-25_0002

September 15th
Trinda and Jonny will say I do on Trinda’s family farm in Watsontown, Pa. I am absolutely in love with the land! The farm has a blueberry field, two small ponds and of course tall grass. All of which are my favorites and we actually took some images utilizing the blueberry field and tall grass for their engagement photos! Talk about being in love, these two love birds ceremony location is going to over look a big… beautiful pond. PA + Destination Wedding Photographer
Their reception is going to be in the same location, giving off the best country, rustic vibes. I literally love this couple and I am so lucky that they chose to me to photograph their big day. To finish off their big day they will have a sparkler exit that I am sure is going to light up the night sky. 2018-08-30_0001

Rounding out the rest of the month, I will be second shooting in Bloomsburg, PA working alongside an amazing video + photo team September 22nd. September 29th I will be shooting alongside Maegan Lutz from Maegan Lutz Photography. I am so excited that I cannot contain my excitement.


I have been blessed with two sessions including maternity + family. I cannot wait to capture beautiful moments and bring them to life for all of you! Will you stay with me and check out what I bring to social media? I so hope so! Y’all have blessed me beyond measure and all I can do is keep bringing you what I got….. my vision.

Can you believe that yet again… I am behind on posting my information about Mini Sessions. Y’all I am sorry! So here are the dates and these will be it until Christmas Minis. which if you are reading this. I will post them September 16th! Ok so here’s the run down.

October 13 + October 27th
Session fee: $100 + tax
location: Riverfront Park
10 digitals with print release

Want in on the fun? email me: or text me: 570-651-5674


Then comes Baby Joe part 2|Maternity |Sammi + Tony|Williamsport Photographer

Then comes Baby Joe part 2|Maternity |Sammi + Tony

Y’all get ready for all the feels

Back in April, Sammi and Tony invited all of their friends and family to Sammi’s parents house to find out the gender of Baby Joe… if you missed that blog you can find it here and if you don’t want to read it… spoiler alert, IT’S A GIRL! Their gender reveal was to the theme “What will she/he Bee?” Get it? A Bee theme. cutest ever and I really think you should just check out the blog anyways. 

Fun Facts

  • Sammi took 6 pregnancy tests just to be sure
  • Baby Joe’s nursery will be pink and floral (umm yea, someone come decorate my bedroom lol ) 
  • Her craving are never one specific – sounds like a girl (can’t make up their mind)
  • Tony’s morning breath has really bothered her since becoming pregnant
  • The best part about being pregnant is feeling 


Maternity Session |Lycoming College

When deciding on a location, Sammi wanted a field of tall grass and well the weather wasn’t having it. Even though I had a backup plan, I really wanted to find some beautiful white pillars to compliment her dress. The ideas  had in my head for making her look like a queen needed to be executed in the right location. I asked in a local photographer community where I could find pillars and someone suggested Lycoming college and oh boy, or should I say “oh girl” it was perfect. The day of her session the clouds opened up and let a whole lot of rain came down. BUUUUUUT it was almost like it was perfectly planned because it stopped a few minutes before Sammi’s session. Let me just say, Sammi made those pillars look amazing.2018-06-26_0001


After the beautiful session at Lycoming College we headed downtown to Center City. Stopped at the Brickyard well because they have the pretty sparkling lights and right across the street is a semi-gorgeous fire escape but it has a brick wall… HAHA see what I did there. I only took a couple of shots here because you could definitely tell Sammi was getting tired. 2018-06-26_0003

After hanging out in a beautiful alley way, we headed to a roof top about a block away. But it didn’t matter the location I chose, Sammi and Tony straight killed their session. Honestly, I could photograph them every day and it would never get old. 

crazy how the cloud change within 5 minutes  of the shutter click! 


I cannot  wait to meet your baby girl and capture the most precious moments in all of your lives. August cannot come fast enough but until enjoy these last few weeks just as two! Love you guys! – Tash


Finally a Frantz | Lonnie + David Engagement | Williamsport, PA

Finally a Frantz | Lonnie + David Engagement


2018-06-25_0003Pre-Story| How Lonnie + I became friends

Where can I even begin with this beautiful love story, I’ve known Lonnie for 5 years. Lonnie was referred to me by a friend for engagement pictures with my now husband, Corey. She was the most sweetest person I knew in Williamsport, very insightful and a a life cheerleader. Seriously, she lit a fire under my butt and help me find my way back to photography. Crazy how things come full circle! In the past the past 5 years, I have seen Lonnie grow the courage to leave unhealthy relationships, trust people where trust shouldn’t be given and finally find love where love was 17 years ago. We would stay up to all hours of the night deep in conversation about how he prince would one day come to her rescue and take her away from all the trouble in her life. This year she finally marries her prince and I am so glad I get to witness it first hand.

Where it all began…

Remember when you were in high school and talking to the opposite sex was like the shy thing to do and you really had to muster up the strength to even get an “Hi” out. Well thats how Lonnie felt toward David and vice versa. They both had a high school crush on each other but neither of them could say so. Along came a “friend” and swooped David up right under lonnie and she never got the chance to tell him how she truly felt.

2018-06-25_0001It was fate!

After 17 years apart, David was going through Mr Neufer’s (Lonnie Neufer’s) facebook page and found Lonnie. As Lonnie recalls “He added me and I send him a message, we texted for 9 hours that night and all day the next day.” They had their first date at Hull’s Landing and from that moment on they knew they were meant for each other. 

Engagement Session

We through around some great location ideas for their engagement session. We went from the idea of a winery, a city theme and a park, the park won. WHY? Oh because its the same park where they will marry each other. As we photographed their love, reminisced about the “good ol’ days” and how amazing their wedding is going to be. With their children by their side, they are set to wed September 8th, 20182018-06-25_0002


I cannot wait to watch you both say I do in September! – Tash

Courtney + Dylan Wed | Mountain View Fellowship | Williamsport Photographer

Courtney + Dylan Wed | Mountain View Fellowship | Williamsport Photographer

A few months ago, a friend of mine tagged me in a post. Courtney’s photographer couldn’t shoot her wedding anymore last minute… literally inset sad face. I was absolutely excited to help Courtney with her wedding. Seriously, I couldn’t let her not have a photographer.

Tasha Puckey Photography

Getting Ready

Courtney and her bridesmaids along with her mama (Kim) finished getting ready in the basement of Mountain View Fellowship. There were so many giggles and memories making when I arrived. I gathered up all her details and while she was getting her make on

Tasha Puckey Photography

Tasha Puckey Photography

Ceremony | I DO’s 

I overheard that Courtney + Dylan were planning on having their ceremony outside until the rain decided to grace its presence on their beautiful day. Instead, they decided to have their wedding inside Mountain View Fellowship church and what a cute little ceremony it was, accompanied by beautiful white and red roses on the floor leading to their I do location.


Tasha Puckey Photography


Formals + Reception

Time to have some fun…and a lot of fun was had, no introduction needed Tasha Puckey PhotographyTasha Puckey PhotographyTasha Puckey Photography

Tasha Puckey Photography First Dance

Tasha Puckey Photography

Tasha Puckey Photography2018-05-23_0008

Tasha Puckey PhotographyTasha Puckey Photography

Party On!

Tasha Puckey Photography

Game to end the evening…. Tasha Puckey Photography

Thank you Courtney + Dylan for letting me capture your beautiful day! It was perfection!

Special Thanks to their vendors
Venue: Mountain View Fellowship
Hair: Kim’s Salon
Florist: Hall’s Florist
Dress: David’s Bridal
Tux: The Amber Rose Bridal Shop
DJ: DJ David Spencer