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May 5, 2020

Vendor Spotlight |South Central PA + Maryland Wedding Photographer | Samantha Jean Photography

Vendor Spotlight |South Central PA + Maryland Wedding Photographer | Samantha Jean Photography


What can I possibly say about this gorgeous human being that doesn’t already pour out of her soul. I met Samantha ( I call her Sam) in a Facebook photography group + instantly became a huge fan of her work. Samantha’s work is clean, vibrant + it just speaks to you. You can see the joy in her clients eyes and it shines through in every image she captures. I had the opportunity to meet her last year as her second shooter. In person, she’s just as sweet + humble. Samantha is also a determined driven person who likes to have fun, so when I asked to showcase her awesomeness, I was grateful she was up to it. Check out Samantha’s responses in her vendor spotlight interview.

1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?95499770_2706784649557254_4227792804899717120_n
Oooof I hate describing myself! I’m Samantha, and I’m a wedding and portrait photographer based out of New Oxford, PA. I love bright, vibrant, and colorful images. I love genuine emotion and my goal as a wedding photographer is to capture your day in a way that will allow you to relive the memories for years to come. When I’m not photographing weddings you can usually find me playing roller derby, reading, or hanging out with my dog.

2. What was tour dream career growing up?
I was very into space as a kid and really wanted to be an astronaut. But I also loved animals so my plan was to pull double duty and be an astronaut AND a veterinarian! Turns out I did not go either of those directions but I think I ended up exactly where I was mean to.
3. Three words that describe your brand? Genuine, Vibrant, Meaningful.
4. How did you break into the photography industry?
I always loved taking photos, and was that friend in high school and college who was always documenting things but it never occurred to me then to make it a profession. I went to college for graphic design and found myself struggling to find stock images that were what I wanted, so I set out to take my own. I found a lot more enjoyment in the photo taking than I did the graphic design, and the rest is history!
5. What sets you apart from others in your industry?
I like to think that my organizational skills really set me apart. I’m very hands on with my wedding clients and offer a lot of planning/coordination help along with wedding photography. I also view myself as your right hand (wo)man on a wedding day. Yes, I’m there to document your day, but I’ll also be there to hold your dress, fix your veil, get you a drink if you need one, etc.
6. What does a typical session or wedding day look like?
Typical wedding day is that I show up 45 minutes early because I have a PROBLEM and I have a meltdown if I’m not obnoxiously early. I usually unload my equipment, walk around and scope out the venue, and maybe take some insta stories if I remember. (SO bad at BTS!) Then it’s wedding details, getting ready, first look (if applicable,) bridal party portraits, ceremony, family/additional portraits, then reception time! In between there’s usually lots of being goofy and having fun with my 2nd shooter and my couples!
7. What do you love most about the wedding day?
I love that every wedding is different! But, usually anything daddy/daughter related hits me hard in the feels and you’ll definitely find me tearing up behind the lens. I also really enjoy that just married walk back down the aisle once your ceremony is over. That’s usually when you capture the most genuine joy on a wedding day!
8. If you could go anywhere tomorrow, where would it be?
TARGET. (JK, JK.) If we’re talking travel wise, definitely Germany! It’s next on our travel bucket list and something we’re working on planning.
Optional | What has Quarantine/Isolation taught you?
Quarantine/Isolation has taught me that I’m much more social than I thought I was. If you asked me before all of this started, I’d have definitely described myself as a homebody who doesn’t love going out. But I’m really missing being anywhere but my house right now! It also taught me that patience is a virtue, and as much as I want to be out there shooting weddings and doing what I love, I also want to keep everyone safe and healthy.
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