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May 4, 2020

Vendor Spotlight |Williamsport Wedding + Event Venue |Farrington Place

Vendor Spotlight | Wedding + Event Venue | Farrington Place


Farrington place will be rounding out our venue spotlight. What a marvelous venue, I remember when it used to be a nightclub for a little but to see it turned to an event venue blew my mind. A little backstory; my hubby and I used Farrington place rentals to decorate our wedding reception. They owners were so accommodating and amazing to work with. So without further mentions.. Here is what they have to say in their Vendor Spotlight.


  1.  Tell us a little about your venue- Getgen | Davisson Wedding
    We are Williamsport’s largest full service banquet venue seating 400 people. We have three beautiful banquet rooms. A beautiful historic cocktail lounge featuring the original 100 year old (1920) tin ceilings, the original wood trim, french doors suspended from a mezzanine, four leather couches, a beautiful fireplace and a large bar. The entertainment room has fire sconces with open flames in the walls, a large stage, a large sunken dance floor surrounded by a glass balcony, a photo booth, a lounge and a total of 2,400 sq feet. The banquet room is 4,000 sq feet of beautiful hard wood oak flooring, featuring the original 100 year old beams spanning the entire room, three giant sky lights and 22 foot tall vaulted ceilings. With no obstructions and built in LED accent lighting the room is perfect for your next event. Farrington Place is a full service banquet venue. This means we provide catering, chefs, kitchen on site, servers, bar staff, set up, tear down, china, silverware, linens, seating chart assistance, CAD drawings, itinerary building, planning/coordination and everything in between. 
  2. What was your dream job growing up? A police officer (I always say, as a police officer you are tasked with dealing with people at their worst moments in life (car crashes, arrests, death, loss, destruction, fires etc) but as an event and wedding company owner you get to deal with people at their best moments in life, the happiest of moments. 
  3. In 3 words, how would you describe your company brand? “Great customer service” – we follow the concept that “your people are your brand” and we hire the best people who truly have a passion for what they do. We employ 32 great employees
  4. How did you get into the your industry?
    About 10+ years ago I did security and logistics for some large events (concert and music events with thousands of attendees) and managed security details for high profile/famous persons. This became a segue into the event industry. About three years later, or 7 years ago, I created Farrington Place as a small banquet venue and event coordination company. Within a year it was so well received we added full service catering and bar tending. Within a few months we added 30+ tents, 1,000’s of rentals and become a full service event business. Eventually leading to the purchase of four shuttle buses, a second kitchen and much more equipment. Fast forward 7 years and we have the areas largest tent and event provider with 35+ tents ranging in size from 400 sq feet to 6,000+ sq feet.
  5. What sets you part in your industry?
    We truly have all your needs in one place. Since we operate all five of these companies (banquet venue, tent and event rentals, shuttle bus company, catering company and a coordination company) we truly understand all the intricacies inside and out. The average banquet hall, caterer or tent and rental company only understands there role and has never owned, operated and performed the other roles. When you have a true understanding of all aspects and can see an event through the eyes of each vendor you have a better understanding of the entirety of an event. We offer planning and consultation with our banquet venue and this expertise comes from seven+ years of doing all the jobs within the event industry. Our expertise is given to our brides and clients at no extra charge.
  6. What does a typical wedding or event look like?
    We follow the rule that every person is unique and your wedding should be too. While many companies fall victim to creating cookie cutter “packages” we are completely against the idea of wedding packages for catering/planning/banquet venues. You are unique and deserve a beautiful wedding that brings out your personality, your goals and your visions. Many of our brides have been dreaming of this event their entire lives. A package makes the wedding like everyone else’s and does not provide for creativity or freedom. Our weddings are fun, beautiful, affordable but most importantly they are the ideas and goals of our clients.
  7. What is your favorite part of a wedding or event day?
    Seeing the bride and grooms smiles, especially during the ceremony and the grand entrance. They work so hard, save up so much money and dream of this day. When it finally comes and they walk into a packed full room of their loved ones yelling, clapping and cheering for them they float through the room with smiles ear to ear. This is a feeling you can not reproduce. It is authentic, beautiful and incredible.
  8. and lastly, if you could go anywhere tomorrow, where would it be?
    If it wasn’t for the current Covid 19 situation, I would answer – Disney World. Our family is obsessed with Disney World and absolutely loves it. We try to go every year or every other year. We built the company on the Disney principles. We’ve read many of the Disney books written by the former CEO’s on how Disney operates internally and how customer focused they are. We treat our employees great so they treat the customers even better. We follow the Disney principles of success.
Optional | what has this quarantine/isolation taught you? The importance of family. We work 60-80 hours a week in wedding season  and 40-60 out of season. This sometimes leaves little room for family time. While the quarantine is an awful situation we are grateful for the slower times to spend with our kids and family. It has also taught us the importance of flexibility. Many of our brides were impacted by Covid 19 and had to move their weddings. After 18-24 months of planning and excitement these poor brides had to face a decision they never dreamed of, to move their wedding. Luckily, those who booked with us were immediately given the opportunity to pick another date later in the year and we would transfer all their deposits, payments and planning into the new date so they would lose nothing.    

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