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April 28, 2020

Vendor Spotlight |Williamsport Wedding Venue | Sacred Oak Vista

Vendor Spotlight |Williamsport Wedding Venue | Sacred Oak Vista


I am on my second week of Vendor Spotlighting. It definitely making the days go back easier as I get to learn so much about vendors around Lycoming County, PA.  Back in the fall of 2019, I was setup at the iheartmedia Wedding Expo + I got the chance to meet Ashley Moon from Sacred Oak Vista. They are a newly established Wedding Venue that basically meets in the middle of Williamsport + Jersey Shore, PA! Check out what Ashley had to say during her interview.
  1.  Tell us a little about your venue.

    Image captured by Dear Grace Photography

    Sacred Oak Vista was established as a wedding venue in 2019. Our name stemmed from a grand old solitary oak tree on the property. We wanted to offer something a little different that really focused on showcasing the beauty of nature and our local lands. We offer exceptional 360 degree views of the mountainous countryside, which serves as the perfect backdrop to an event. Our 7200 square foot pavilion is adorned with a mountain stone fireplace for our guests to enjoy. We also offer modern restroom facilities and a catering staging area.

  2. What was your dream job growing up?
    So my day job is actually in health care. I was always interested in science growing up, and healthcare seemed like a way that I could support myself and care for others. But a dream job…. I really like projects, and creating things. I think that if I had to choose a dream job, it would probably be in interior decorating and staging. That is super fun for me.
  3. In 3 words, how would you describe your company brand? Serene, timeless, and joyful
  4. How did you get into the your industry?
    As I said, I really like projects. Sacred Oak Vista is my stepfather’s (Shawn’s) business. I just help out. Shawn always loved taking the family to local properties with these amazing overlooks. He ended up purchasing a neighboring farm a few years ago, which later became the Vista. We had conversations that this would make such a cool site for a wedding venue. I certainly agreed, as my husband and I had gotten married years before at my mom and Shawn’s home, and have the best memories of our outdoor wedding. We then went to work planning how we could make this venue happen.
  5. What sets you part in your industry?
    We wanted to create something that was just a little different. We have that beautiful location and we wanted to find a way to showcase our natural surrounding. A pavilion made sense to us because you could be sitting under this, protected, and still see these views. We wanted to create something timeless in the area that would always appeal to many.
  6. What does a typical wedding or event look like?
    We are new, so only have a few weddings to compare. I would say that each event have all been very different. That is what is great about our venue. Some like modern, rustic, romantic, traditional… they all have their place here. Some have done yard games. You have a fire in the fireplace. You can have a food truck. I mean it is truly whatever you can imagine.
  7. What is your favorite part of a wedding or event day?
    I love seeing the bride, the groom’s reaction, food, and dancing.
  8. and lastly, if you could go anywhere tomorrow, where would it be?
    Like locally? This quarantine really has me missing TJ Maxx and Target! LOL… But I really miss just being able to leave the house and visit my family. If we are talking somewhere like a vacation, maybe somewhere warm and tropical. This snow in late April is crazy!
If the quarantine has taught me anything, it is to be appreciative for what you have and to not take anything for granted. 

All images captured by Dear Grace Photography

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