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August 1, 2017

NEPA Lifestyle Wedding + Portrait Photographer | Ang + Jen are getting married.

Oh what can I say about these two? I first met them at Kemfort Cottage’s Bridal Expo in Pottsville. They look so in love with each other and eager to start their journey of wedding planning. Little did I know, they would win my Engagement Giveaway.  Although the date came and went for them to claim the session, I just had to photograph them! When Ang + Jen showed up to their engagement session they were clothed in their wedding day colors…. PINK|BLACK|WHITE! What a coincidence, those were my wedding day colors too, fate much?
As we made our way through the trails at the Montour Preserve, Ang mentioned how nervous she was… I told her ” Oh girl, don’t be nervous we are going to get some great images from this your session” and great images is what we got! You could feel that Jen was Ang’s happy place, Jen would say things into Ang’s ear to help her relax. Their session was nothing short of amazing… ticks and all!
Jen + Ang met a few year ago and started their relationship as friends, best friends. They both grew to find they had similar interests and goals in life which I can tell you is two great key elements in a relationship. They have only been together for 6 months which really seems like an eternity when love is the center of it all. Their first date was to an Applebee’s —-yummm! talk about some great food Oh and to the mall – y’all food and shopping are my favs. After a little while of dating, they both knew they were ready to be married and so they decided on a joint proposal- say what??? How unique! I seriously cannot wait until their wedding day, whether I am their photographer or not… I know Ang will be the most nervous of them all (Jen says so!). Congratulations you two!

Have a beautiful year planning your wedding!
Stay Fabulous-
Tasha Puckey Photography


  1. amanda says:

    How lucky are they to win this Engagement session from you!?! I love the location you shot this at in NEPA. Such a natural lifestyle look and feel. Are you also going to be their wedding photographer?

  2. These are awesome!!! NEPA is lucky to have such an amazing Lifestyle Wedding and Portrait Photographer!!!!

  3. Caitlin Riggs says:

    How fortunate of them to have won this portrait session in NEPA! Hopefully they hire you as their wedding photographer!

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