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June 8, 2017

Personal Project | AS ONE

Peace Movement

We can all admit that 2016 cause a lot of people pain. I for one felt so much sadness seeing all the hate and anguish going on. If you followed my personal page you would have noticed that I started my day off with a positive post every morning. After awhile, I started getting comments like “please keep posting these, you are helping me through a tough day, I look forward to your post every day, inspirational etc.” Which in return held me accountable for the rest of the year… yes y’all were helping me while I was helping y’all. Then it got me thinking, if I can change one persons day with my words then why not a community. So for 2017, I am creating change.

My project is called As One: Creating unity

Everyone has something that binds them, right? People may look at you awkward because you don’t share the same beliefs as them. TheyIntroduction might look at you with disgust because you are part of the LGBT community, Buddhist, Jewish, the list goes on. Let’s do something to end this. We can come together as a community because we were created “As One!” Together we can create unity by telling each other’s story. We can create peace in our homes, in our jobs and in our communities. One small step at a time! Help me Create Unity by helping you tell your story!

Yes, I want you to be comfortable enough with me to tell your story to the world… well Facebook. I want to bring awareness to every community! We need to stand strong together, so with that said… I’m going to share mine again. Please don’t feel bad or sad for me because it’s taken 18 years for me to come to terms with what happen and it no longer binds me. Now it still takes me a while to warm up to those I don’t know but I will always be a work in progress.

This is me…

I am going to get real and raw for you all. At 14 years old I was raped by a family member. This family member and I were really close and someone that I trusted with my life. In 2007, he betrayed that trust and crashed my entire world. I was talked about in school, some of the nastiest things I would ever hear. That moment, I stopped socializing with a lot of people, I’m pretty sure 95% of the entire world. I decided to revert my anger and my hurt to working and bettering myself so I could get away from the craziness of this world. 17 years later, I am finally at peace with what happened to me. I wrote him a letter (he’s still incarcerated) and told him I forgive him. I no longer allowed him to have control over my life. I haven’t overcome trusting male figures but with the help of my significant other, I am freeing myself from those chains..
This is me, this is my story! Let me share yours!Tasha
                                                         Photo Credit: Corey Puckey

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