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June 7, 2017

NEPA Lifestyle Wedding Photographer |Wedding Day tips for Groom


Loyal and his Groomsmen

This is only my second year shooting Weddings…. yep I am putting myself out there. I am very passionate about capturing wedding images that will be passed down from generation to generation. So today, I am going to pass along some tips for the groom, that I have learned for your wedding day.

Groom Tips

1. The Haircut

a haircut should be done a day or two before the wedding day. It is important to know what hair style suits your face. If you do not know, you can find a photo of a haircut the you think might work and take it to your barber for his opinion

2. The Choice To Wax Is A Personal One

The choice to was is a personal one. If you make the decision to wax you have the option of doing your feet, chest, arms, face and even your backside. However you should never wax your nipples, genitals, eyelashes, ears or nose hair

3. The Hands Of The Groom

As the groom, you need to keep your hands clean, You can do this by washing them often and removing any dirt that is underneath your nails. A hand moisturizer for males should be used several weeks before the wedding occurs

4. Have A Pretty Smile

A toothpaste that has a whitening agent in it can be bought over the counter and will assist you in obtaining the prettiest smile you can have. You should be careful to avoid any toothpaste that has abrasives in it. These can wear away the structures of the teeth.

5. Manscaping

Some men may consider this as something that is done by women only. But the good thing is that by doing something as simple as cleaning up your eyebrow… can make a difference in your appearance.

6. Getting A Closer Shave

Everyone likes the feel of a close shave. Before you shave, rub your skin with pre-shaving oil or even something as simple as baby oil. A good idea is to shave while you are in the shower. The warm water will open your pores and soften your face to allow you to get as close as possible.


If you have any questions or maybe a topic that you would like to read… feel free to leave a comment!



  1. These are all great tips! I love when a groom when get a manicure, too! They don’t need polish to appreciate how pretty it can make their hands look for all of those detail/ring/getting ready shots! 🙂

  2. Brooke says:

    These are great tips for the groom and how to prepare for their big day! 🙂

  3. These are such great tips to help the groom prepare for his big day!!

  4. Summer says:

    Perfect tips for the men on their big day!! 🤵🏻💕

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