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February 22, 2017

NEPA Lifestyle Wedding Photographer | Sammi + Tony are getting MARRIED!!

Y’all.. I’m going to let Sammi + Tony tell you a little about their love for one another… But I will first tell you that it all started with a little stalking and softball. These two are perfect for each other… Marry someone who will give you laugh lines… SERIOUSLY!

How did he|she grab your attention?
She first caught my eye through sports. his eyes were the first thing I ever noticed

When did you first meet?
We had been aquinted through a mutual friend a long time ago and reconnected eventually over time .

First Date?
Our first date was a scary movie so we could be close , the night went so well night filled with laughter, and a night that neither of us will ever forget.

When when and where was your first kiss (with one another)?
That night of our first date. Tony walked me to my car and opened my door for me and gave me a breathtaking first kiss.

Decribe the one trait that you love about each other.
I could get lost in her eyes. I love his kind heart

How long have you both been together?
Since July 3rd 2016

Who said “I love you” first?

How did he | She propose?
I stood outside the bathroom thanksgiving day and caught her off guard coming out.

Who is the most nervous for the Big Day?
She is.

12-2-17… is the “I DO” Day! Tasha Puckey Photography is overly excited to share in their day with them… Enjoy the images from their Engagement Session.


  1. […] I remember the first time I met Sammi + Tony. We were meeting to discuss possibly hiring me as their wedding photographer. I thought “these two are the sweetest and coolest people ever.” Little did I know that they would eventually hire me and a friendship started. I was so eager to shoot their engagement session, Sammi wanted snow and it literally was not in the forecast. Sammie ended up rescheduling due to a ring issue and wouldn’t you know it… it snowed. You can see their engagement session here… […]

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