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February 21, 2017

NEPA Lifestyle Wedding Photographer | Couples Session – Herring

Last year  Ashley + John got married! How exciting! If there’s one thing about me that you must know, I love weddings. Only I didn’t shoot their wedding but I saw their images. A mutual friend of ours “facebook introduced” Ashley and I and from there we found out about each other through our post. This session for Ashley + John was styled shoot. The venue I wanted to shoot at is a beautiful building with a Bed + Breakfast outside of Bloomsburg, PA called “The Pump House.” Manufactured in 1908, it used to “pump” out a lot of oil. The owners turned it into a Bed + Breakfast / Wedding (event) venue and it’s to die for. I would have loved to have my wedding there, thats for sure!

Ashley + John met 11/23/2013 in person after a month long online dating conversations, im sure text messages and phone calls too. There love for each other truy shows through every image taken. When I asked “What grabs your attention about each other?” Their responses were similar… Ashley loves John’s dimples when he smiles and John loves Ashley’s beautiful eyes and smile. I must agree, they are a gorgeous couple… that’s for sure.dsc_7149

Ashley + John have a love that will stand a lifetime and maybe even a little more. Ashley loves the fact that whenever they argue they  may be mad at each other for a couple hours but they talk it out and work through things. They communicate and communication is BIG in a relationship.Ashley also loves how John does not leave the house without giving her a kiss and as soon as he walks in the house he gives her a kiss as well. Johns favorite trait about ashley is her humor and personality. It’s the littlest things that matter the most y’all…. SERIOUSLY!

Enjoy the rest of their Styled session. I know I enjoyed working with them.

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