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$350.00 + tax

  • Pre-consultation (a meeting to discuss important details of your session)
  • up to 1.5 hour session
  • 2 wardrobe changes
  • 1 location
  • Social Media sneak peaks
  • Online proofing gallery to order prints, custom USB’s , canvases, etc


What to Expect: Congratulations!

How exciting that your maternity session is coming up soon! This type of session is all about YOU and how BEAUTIFUL you are. You are carrying life within you and this is a moment when you are at one of those peaks of beauty that must be captured. This session will be all about capturing your beauty as a mother individually and with family. It will be stylized and set for glamour shooting. So to best prepare yourself for an amazing session, please read the guide tips below:

  • Feel free to use this session as an excuse to PAMPER yourself! Get a manicure and pedicure before the session.
  • Eat a FULL meal the night before and the meal before your session. Also, bring to the session water and some healthy snacks.
  • The night before the session get plenty of rest. There will be lots of walking and beauty shots!
  • Makeup is strongly recommended. I suggest going a bit heavier on the mascara and eye liner. Also, wear a lipstick that shows sticks out or shows contrast to your natural skin color. This helps the photos tremendously especially any photos from a distance.
  • If your bump will be showing in some shots, make sure to moisturize that belly well an hour or so before the session.
  • Wear nude boy shorts or underwear. Also, wear a strapless bra, preferably in nude color. Even if it doesn’t fit it will still be great for support.
  • Leave watches at home (this includes family members getting photos as well). Bring your favorite pieces of jewelry.
  • Prepare to be barefoot for several shots, but also bring some cute high heels. In addition bring comfy walking shoes or sneakers. If we have planned a standing in water shot, please bring underwater shoes or low top old sneakers to help protect your feet.
  • When bringing children, spouses, or partners please have them wear neutrals. Avoid stripes or patterns. You can pick gowns from the studio wardrobe ahead of time to help you coordinate outfits if needed.