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May 20, 2020

Megan + Evan | Engaged


Classy + Casual Engagement Williamsport, PA


We waited sooo long for Lycoming County to go into yellow phase.  This was another engagement session that was uncertain to happen. 2020 is definitely the year that everything seems to come undone but eventually fall right into place…. just as it should.

Megan + Evan’s engagement session started in Brandon Park. Talk about a throwback to my childhood. I found these beautiful – still in bloom Pink bushes that would be a wonderful backdrop for the first part of their session. These two and the love they share should be bottled up and kept a secret. Seriously, it just oozes out of them. They way they laugh at each other.

We finished their engagement session lake side at the south entrance of Rose Valley Lake,  if you haven’t been there, it’s such a gorgeous location. Their puppy Sadie was in the mix too + I swear some of the images she is smiling away at her parents. I mean, why not? Aren’t they just the cutest humans ever???

I asked Megan to email me a little snippet about their relationship + how they met. If this doesn’t melt you, I don’t know what will.

“Evan and Megan technically met on move in day of their sophomore year of college at Shippensburg.  Evan happened to be Megan’s RA (resident assistant) and they happened to have rooms right next door to each other.  They would pass each other in the hallway but nothing much happened until Halloween.  Megan was invited by her friend to a Halloween party that Evan happened to be at too.  Evan had some funny dance moves and Megan had a cute smile that neither of them could ignore.  They talked a little bit at the party and never stopped talking after that! Megan would hangout in Evan’s room and Evan would frequently wander into Megan’s room.  They became good friends for a few months.  Evan even invited Megan to his fraternity’s date party, that she only agreed to go with him as friends.  By the end of the night, feelings has started to develop for one another.  Then, over winter break Evan made a surprise visit to Megan’s house to have an unforgettable first date and the rest is history!”    

Isn’t college love, just too cute…. This is one blog that I was soo anxious to share. Megan + Evan are getting married next May at Clearstory in Williamsport, PA.

Tasha Puckey Photography

Tasha Puckey Photography

Tasha Puckey PhotographyWilliamsport Wedding Photographer  Williamsport Wedding Photographer Tasha Puckey Photography

Williamsport Wedding Photographer

Tasha Puckey Photography

Tasha Puckey Photography


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