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February 12, 2020

It’s in the details | Williamsport Wedding Photographer | Tasha Puckey Photography

It’s in the details | Williamsport Wedding Photographer | Tasha Puckey Photography


How to be detail ready on your wedding day.


Whether you are a Puckey couple or just browsing the inter webs + searching “How to prepare for your wedding day”, these tips will help you. Every bride wants their wedding day to go without a hesitance right? I know I did. So sit back + snuggle up to some information that will help you on the morning of your wedding.

So you probably have your favorite Starbucks coffee in your hand and reminiscing over all the gushy memories that you have with you and your significant other. Picked out the perfect ring to put on their finger, swooning over the dress that you just said yes to but what about the smallest of details that goes along with them?? Those are important too.

The night before your wedding, designate this small job to your Maid of Honor + Best man. I promise you that it’s super simple and will only take 15 mins to complete


  • Shoes
  • Jewelry
  • Flowers
  • Full Wedding invitation suite (if applicable)
  • Dress
  • rings (yes, all 3)
  • garter belt
  • all accessories
  • perfume bottle
  • ring box
  • extra greenery from your floristWilliamsport Country Club



  • Cuff links
  • tie
  • shoes
  • suit jacket
  • socks
  • cologne bottle
  • watchWilliamsport Country Club


Williamsport Wedding Photographer

Getting ready in a suite included in your venue or a super close location that has beautiful natural light is really ideal. Not only with this help save time getting ready but it will help maximize your timeline and not waste any time traveling. There is a sense of peace when everything is in one location or very close to it.

Barn at Pine Creek

Williamsport Wedding Photographer

Think about who will be with you while you are getting ready: photographer, hairstylist, make up artist, and any other friends/family that you choose to be in the room with you. Make sure they all will bring joy to your day.

Country Club

Williamsport Wedding Photographer

Fill this kit with all the essentials, bobby pins , deodorant, lipstick/gloss, toothbrush/paste, tissues, double-sided tape, scissors, eyelash glue, tide to go pen, gorilla glue, safety pins, pamper baby wipes ( believe it or not, they get stains out of everything. 2020-02-12_0004


Hope these tips help you on your wedding day. If you find these helpful… drop a comment below. -Tash.43065


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