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September 21, 2018

Brooke + Matt Engaged! |Mount Carmel | Williamsport PA Wedding Photographer

Brooke + Matt Engaged | Mount Carmel | Williamsport PA Wedding Photographer

When I first met Brooke and Matt it was raining… ok so it was raining for like a month straight at that point. However, on that particular day…. it wasn’t supposed to rain. Boy was Mother Nature having second thoughts. We both got out of ours cars and the rain was just slow enough to shoot a little bit. The fog made for some awesome backdrops… All of a sudden my SD card read error… I didn’t think anything of it so I switch to my back up. Continued shooting but then the rain was coming down harder so we ended it.

Got home and slipped my SD card into my computer… I could see the images but I couldn’t pull them off! CARD CORRUPTED! UGH… DEVASTATION. I promise y’all those images were great. Here are a few from that day that I did get!


I ended up messaging Brooke to let her know that we needed to reshoot! She agreed… I am so glad that she did. We ended up at Roaring Creek Preserve and that place was amazing! From the little patch of tall grass that I found, to the road with the most beautiful green trees and a big ol’ lake. I won’t keep y’all any longer… Check out Brooke and Matt’s Roaring Creek engagement session.

Thank you both for entrusting me with your engagement session, getting to know you both and shooting your wedding! What an honor its been. Congratulations Brook + Matt!


  1. Audrey says:

    The fog in those first pictures, GORGEOUS!!!!

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