Finally a Frantz | Lonnie + David Engagement | Williamsport, PA

Finally a Frantz | Lonnie + David Engagement


2018-06-25_0003Pre-Story| How Lonnie + I became friends

Where can I even begin with this beautiful love story, I’ve known Lonnie for 5 years. Lonnie was referred to me by a friend for engagement pictures with my now husband, Corey. She was the most sweetest person I knew in Williamsport, very insightful and a a life cheerleader. Seriously, she lit a fire under my butt and help me find my way back to photography. Crazy how things come full circle! In the past the past 5 years, I have seen Lonnie grow the courage to leave unhealthy relationships, trust people where trust shouldn’t be given and finally find love where love was 17 years ago. We would stay up to all hours of the night deep in conversation about how he prince would one day come to her rescue and take her away from all the trouble in her life. This year she finally marries her prince and I am so glad I get to witness it first hand.

Where it all began…

Remember when you were in high school and talking to the opposite sex was like the shy thing to do and you really had to muster up the strength to even get an “Hi” out. Well thats how Lonnie felt toward David and vice versa. They both had a high school crush on each other but neither of them could say so. Along came a “friend” and swooped David up right under lonnie and she never got the chance to tell him how she truly felt.

2018-06-25_0001It was fate!

After 17 years apart, David was going through Mr Neufer’s (Lonnie Neufer’s) facebook page and found Lonnie. As Lonnie recalls “He added me and I send him a message, we texted for 9 hours that night and all day the next day.” They had their first date at Hull’s Landing and from that moment on they knew they were meant for each other. 

Engagement Session

We through around some great location ideas for their engagement session. We went from the idea of a winery, a city theme and a park, the park won. WHY? Oh because its the same park where they will marry each other. As we photographed their love, reminisced about the “good ol’ days” and how amazing their wedding is going to be. With their children by their side, they are set to wed September 8th, 20182018-06-25_0002


I cannot wait to watch you both say I do in September! – Tash

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