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April 27, 2018

Why YOU should get in the picture | Pennsylvania Photographer

Why you should get in the picture | Pennsylvania Photographer 

You’ve contemplated hiring someone to take new family photos but you don’t like how you look in your images. There are a million and excuses that you can make as to why you don’t want to be in pictures. Tasha Puckey Photography

  • your stomach is too big
  • you have wrinkles
  • a double chin
  • not photogenic
  • we can do it next year
  • having a bad hair day
  • my make up doesn’t look right
  • I don’t have anything to wear
  • we don’t hang pictures in our house


We all make these excuses, I know I have. My favorite? I don’t get in front of the camera, thats why I’m behind it. Can I get real and raw with you? Pictures are extremely important, totally worth it in the end and here’s why

Tasha Puckey Photography

Remembering Important momentsTasha Puckey Photography

When you are 85 and you are rocking your grandchildren, imagine yourself telling them them the story about how their Grandfather proposed to you. You can’t remember the exact details or even the words but your image show the emotion of the day. As you are looking through those images, memories flood back, the smells return and you know exactly what was said and how it was said. This is another way that dementia patients remember their lives… through images. You only get one life… document it

Remembering your ancestors

Tasha Puckey PhotographyI can’t tell you what any of my relatives past my grandmother look like. Maybe because my family were so poor that they couldn’t  afford to wear the shoes that were on their feet. I don’t know much about then except that they lived on a farm and my Great Grandmother died when my Grandma was 3 years old. I know for me, I would’ve love to see our family barn, look at those wrinkles,  tattered clothes dirty hands that belonged o my Great-Grandfather.
Getting your I,ages updated every year is a great way to have future generation look back and remember the way things used to be and the people that are in your family. Don’t leave your family wondering who you were and what you looked like… Get in the picture!

Telling Stories.

As photographers we are storytellers, we can capture the emotions of a picture and make it timeless. From engagement session to family sessions, it all tells a story. You want to be in these stories that are captured through the lens. Even if it’s through the lens of your phone, I urge you… I encourage you to live in the moment and get in the frame with your family.

Tasha Puckey Photography

Tasha Puckey Photography2018-04-27_0004



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  1. Lindsay says:

    What great advise!!! It is so important to take all the photos! Life is too short!!

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