Pay What You Can: Weekend #2 |Heshbon Bridge | Williamsport Photographer


Pay What You Can: Weekend #2 |Heshbon Bridge | Williamsport Photographer

Tasha Puckey PhotographyLast week started out a little unhopeful. In the forecast it was calling for rain and really cold temperatures. However it turned out just like the weekend prior, warm and full of smiles. If you missed last weeks.. you can look at the images here.

My first session of the day were Santiea and her beautiful family. I photographed their family last year during there informal wedding portrait session. Santiea is married to a Williamsport Police officer who is the most kind officer we have here. Santiea is a nurse at Hospice – she has a heart of gold this one. Their three children are the most well mannered children I have ever met. Tasha Puckey Photography

When I was still in college, I lived next door to this woman’s parents. Little did I know that I would actually end up know her family a few years later. She reached out to me to photograph her youngest sons 1st birthday! That was a cute session, sorry no link. But you can see how they have all grown over the past 4 years and Jessica recently welcomed a new little into the mix a few months ago. Tasha Puckey Photography

My friend showed up to hang out with me and I asked her to take a few new headshots for me that better fit my personality- all that was missing was confetti! Dang it… I will have my confetti shots. I happened to look passed my friend and seen my next clients and their beautiful family. Their little girl was the highlight of the show… cutest little smile ever. Their three older children were a blessing to work with as well and hopefully her daughters will model for me in the summer time.Tasha Puckey Photography

My next session and I go back a few years when I met them through my Godmother. Leigh (pronounced Leah) is a strong mama! She’s in college now, slaying every bit of it. Her oldest boy, Levi is just a week or two older than one of my children. Her son Gabriel is the sweetest and cutest… like ever! 2018-04-24_0005

All great days must come to an end and boy did it totally go out with a bang. Amanda and her boyfriend Adam were looking to update their images and give their mamas new images of themselves for Mother’s Day! What What- Pictures matter y’all! They melted in each others arms after Adam got comfortable being directed. Y’all…. just look! 2018-04-24_0001

A big thank you to those who came out and participated in “PAY WHAT YOU CAN.” If you are in need of a session, fill out the contact form below and we can chat! Have a great week y’all!  -Tasha


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