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March 30, 2018

Brides, here’s why you should hire a second shooter. |Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer

2018-03-30_0001Do I Need A Second Photographer for my Wedding?

As you are planning your wedding, you are engaged with so many emotions, pulled into tons of different directions and probably sensory overloaded. Yes, weddings are about the bride, and the primary focus should be on her. However, what about the groom? Grooms look forward to the day gets to say I DO to his bride. It’s a day he gets to spend a few hours getting ready with his buddies before those days grow slim. <~~~ Yep I said that! Why not capture those moments too? Second shooters are so crucial on wedding days. Here’s why.

Mains can’t be in two places

Your main photographer will focus on you, the bride. Capturing all of your major and minor details, your special moments slipping into your dress, and moments shared between you and your bridesmaids. Mains will focus on the tearful moment of you walking down the aisle to your forever. This is where a second shooter comes in; second shooters will capture these moments with the groom and his groomsmen. Seconds will focus on your Fiancé during your ceremony. Gettin  You will also have different perspectives from various points in your wedding timeline. 2018-02-10_0003

No details left behind

After the music fades and the decorations are sold or thrown away, all you will have is your photographs. Having a second shooter to capture details that a main could not,  is beneficial.Having a team that works cohesively will ensure that each photographer can focus on their job, and capture the day’s sweetest moments.


On the fence, still?

Talk with your photographer, they can answer your questions and see if having a second shooter is beneficial for you or not. It really comes down to what’s important to you. Your photographer will usually have a list of shooters they use, look over their work and decide if it fits what you are looking for. Overall, it’s your day… why not capture it all!

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