NEPA Wedding Photographer | Cardene Wedding -Forever and Ever Amen! 

I’ve known Ashley for at least 6 years now. She has always been a shining star in everyone’s life. Always smiling, always laughing….AT EVERYTHING! What do you know?? Here comes Bobby (Robert) and instantly Ashley becomes even more brighter and happier. NEPA Lifestyle Wedding Photographer

Ashley and Bobby (Robert) love Fishing, I mean who doesn’t, It’s a way of life in PA.  For their engagement session, we traveled to Rose Valley Lake. I love this lake… and so do they! So much so that Rose Valley is where Bobby proposed. 💍

Fast forward to their Love day, I couldn’t wait to capture it. Ashley’s M.O.H (Erin) was on top of everything, right down to the mimosa’s. 

One situation that the Bride and Bridesmaid made light of was the Coreset Tie. It was missing!!! Fast thinking the Maid of Honor called Amber Rose, a local Upscale, Bridal store. They came to the rescue and saved the day with a Corset Ribbon, Yay! and boy doesn’t she look beautiful!!!

On to the wedding ceremony, Bobby’s eyes light up and tears started to swell at the sight of his new bride. The ceremony was perfect… just perfect! 

Happy Love Day Ashley and Robert! I pray many more years of Love, Faith and Happiness comes your way. 
-Tasha Puckey Photography.

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