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April 17, 2016

NEPA Lifestyle Wedding Photographer|Model Call.

Every year Tasha Puckey Photography puts out a a 4 Part Model Call. 1. Women 2. Men 3. Children and 4. Couples. Why do I do this? I won’t want to have down time, I want to keep shooting.  April 16th was my first Model Call (Women) Session… First up?!?! Amanda Smith! She answered my Women’s Model Call and thank Heavens because she is beautiful. I knew I wanted a Downtown feel and Amanda DELIVERED, right down to her Tan Sandals. All shots were taken on Market Street in Lewisburg, PA between the Campus Theatre and the Pineapple Inn.

DSC_2670logo I wanted a feel of walking down the street, admiring your surroundings, nothing special…just enjoying a stroll.DSC_2683 logo Very easy to pose, almost like she was a natural. A 15-20 minute Model Call ended up being a 10 minute Call.

DSC_2694logo Towards the end of our time, the Owner of the Pineapple Inn came out to greet us. What a sweet Human Being he was. I highly recommend you get creative with your shoots. If you can Dream it, you can do it!

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